Philip A Dursey

Principal Consultant
[email protected]
+1 650 308 8665

With over 10 years of experience solving security strategy, architecture and engineering problems, I bring the fight to technical adversaries with the breadth and depth of skills needed for high-stakes, complex engagements.

With a laser focus on security strategy project leadership, cyber wargaming, policy and technical security controls, building and leading elite teams in assessment and implementation of tailored security solutions, I have earned a reputation in the InfoSec community as a critical thinker, a skilled technologist, and an effective leader.

I’ve designed and executed security solutions across a range of industries. I’ve recently led the optimization of security strategies and system architectures for several high-scale D2C products, e-commerce platforms, two top-tier telcos, a $50Bn+ FinTech (Basel III), and numerous $1Bn+ multinational and start-up tech firms. In March 2020, I was invited to Wargame an Int'l (Cyber) Crisis at The Hoover Institution, Stanford.

Deep expertise in:
· Enterprise cyber risk reduction design and oversight
· Optimal investment in InfoSec
· Models and analysis of online crime
· Cyber-risk quantification and cyber-insurance
· Security standards and regulation
· Adversarial Machine Learning
· Assumption of Compromise
· Vulnerability discovery
· Cybersecurity policy
· Behavioral security and privacy
· Game theoretic cyber-defense strategy
· CTF Design & Analytical Cyber Wargaming

Deep skills in:
✔ Security Architecture & Design
✔ Strategic Analysis
✔ Cyber Wargaming
✔ Security & Executive Strategy
✔ Explaining Security to Your Board
✔ Zero Trust Strategy & Architecture
✔ Cyber Resilience Analysis & Engineering
✔ DevSecOps
✔ Cloud Security Architecture
✔ Threat & Attack Modeling  
✔ Applied Cryptography
✔ Secrets Management
✔ Security Strategy Research Planning
✔ Detection Engineering and Incident Response
✔ Security Orchestration, Automation & Response
✔ Writing Secure Code
✔ Red Teaming & Penetration Testing
✔ Exploiting & Protecting Web Applications
✔ Model-based Systems Eng.
✔ Data Security & Privacy
✔ Wireless Security
✔ M&A Security Lifecycle
✔ Cyber Threat Intelligence

Technical credentials:
Certified Cloud Security Professional, CCSP
Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISSP
Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis, Oxford
Certificate in Advanced Computer Security, Stanford
Certificate in Systems Architecture & Engineering, MIT
Certificate in Cybersecurity Strategy, Georgetown (exec. format, ongoing)
MSc in Software & Systems Security, Oxford (exec. format, ongoing)

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